ARS Governing Documents

March 15, 2021

Over the last year, the By-Laws Committee have spent countless hours updating and revising the ARS' by-laws and policy and procedures. The Executive Committee has reviewed and approved the proposed changes and the Executive Board would like you to to approve them as well.

Summary of By Laws Changes

The new By Laws sets the basic framework of governance and committees. We have significantly reduced the length of the By-Laws by defining committees and functions and moving all operational details to the P&P. Below is a bullet point summary of the current structure of the By-Laws.

  • General information (Article 1) regarding the ARS that was in the Constitution has been moved to the By-Laws and the Constitution is eliminated. We have retained all the necessary legal and business issues.
  • Article II contains descriptions of the governing body, but any details associated with the positions (e.g. terms of service, specific duties) have been eliminated. We have added the position of Vice President of Development and Strategic Initiatives.
  • Article III describes non-governing, non-voting ARS positions. Again, details regarding the positions are moved to the P and P.
  • Article IV lists the standing and non-standing committees of the society, but almost all detail regarding the structure, membership, and duties has been moved to the P&P.
  • The Education Committee has been replaced with three new committees:
    • Live and Ancillary Education Courses Committee
    • Online Education Committee
    • Education Innovation Committee
  • The ACCME Committee name is changed to the CME Committee
  • The following committees are newly created:
    • Mentorship Committee
    • Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • The non-standing committees International Liaison Committee and Pediatric Rhinology Committee have been moved to the Standing Committees because they follow the same structure and procedures
  • The Fellowship Committee is a newly created non-standing committee
  • Article V lists a generic statement of Sections with all details regarding what sections have been approved, as well as structure and procedures of those sections moved to P&P.

What has been removed from the structure of the original By-Laws

  • Membership (Original Article I), including types, qualifications, rights, and privileges was transferred to the P&P (Section 3)
  • Dues and Arrears (Original Article II) were moved to the P&P (Section 4)
  • The responsibilities and duties of the Board of Directors (Original Article IV) were moved to the P&P (Section 6)
  • Anything related to Contracts, Checks, Deposits, and Funds (Original Article VII) was moved to the P&P (Section 24)
  • Programs related to meetings, presentations, and exemptions (Original Article VIII) was moved to the P&P and absorbed under Section 9 (Program committee)
  • Properties of the Society (Original Article IX) was moved to the P&P (Section 25)
  • Amendments (Original Article X) was moved to the P&P (Section 26)
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Voting closes June 13, 2021


The American Rhinologic Society is governed by a number of documents.  Please choose from the list below for further access to them:

In addition to these, the ARS also subscribes to several other policies and statements that govern our ethical and privacy practices:

Since 2020, the ARS International Liaison Committee has engaged our sister rhinologic societies around the world in signing mutual Memorandums of Understanding. The purpose of these agreements is to initiate academic collaborations between our respective societies to promote global excellence in rhinology. We look forward to continuing to expand our relationships with our international colleagues and providing reciprocal support of organizational initiatives.

  • Thailand Rhinologic Society: Virtual MOU Signing Ceremony 9--2-2021
  • Korean Rhinologic Society: Virtual MOU Signing Ceremony 3-17-2021
  • Brazilian Rhinologic Academy: Virtual MOU Signing Ceremony 4-7-2021