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American Rhinologic Society Statement Regarding Racial Inequality and Injustice

During these turbulent times, The American Rhinologic Society (ARS) has a duty to do its part to highlight the need for continued progress towards a more just society. The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has placed a spotlight on racial inequality and injustice in our country. We will continue to support diversity and inclusion. We will continue to raise awareness of the importance of implicit biases. We will continue to instruct the membership on how cultural sensitivity and competent care can positively affect health and social outcomes. The ARS will continue to be a force that creates constructive narratives that build up and strengthen the bonds of our country.

Executive Committee of the American Rhinologic Society
Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the American Rhinologic Society

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Press Release – April 14, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

The fight against COVID-19 is in full swing, and we are beginning to see some peer-reviewed contributions in the literature. These data-driven studies are much stronger than the anecdotal reports we have been forced to rely on in the early stages of the crisis. Specifically, the association of Covid-19 infection with smell loss has been strengthened and I would like to draw your attention to the 3 new articles in IFAR noted below:

There have been some encouraging signs in the battle against COVID-19 over the past week. This has caused many us to begin consideration of the question of when and how we can return to some degree of normal operations. There is still much we need to learn about the virus, which will have major implications going forward. We are not clear on when asymptomatic but infected patients are capable of spreading the virus, whether immunity is durable and whether chronic carrier states exist. Moreover, scientists do not yet agree on whether large droplets vs. much smaller aerosols can both serve as mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2 spread. (Lewis, D. Nature vol. 580, 9 April 2020) The answers to these questions will obviously affect both office and operating room policies going forward. To that end, I would like to draw your attention to the below study that begins the process of analyzing aerosol production with the use of common rhinologic tools. The clinical relevance is not yet clear, but studies such as this are a first step back in the direction of normalcy. 

Thank you.

Robert Kern, MD, FARS
American Rhinologic Society

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Membership in the American Rhinologic Society provides critical support that strengthens its ability to speak out on behalf of you, and all those practicing rhinology. The ARS promotes excellence in clinical care, investigation and education in the fields of Rhinology and Sinusology. 

The ARS is dedicated to providing communication and fellowship to its members through ongoing continuing medical education, economic and social programs.

Your membership in the ARS places you in a highly respected professional organization that has a significant and far-reaching impact on the subspecialty of Rhinology. The ARS is dedicated to promoting excellence in clinical care, investigation, education, and patient advocacy in the field of rhinology.

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From the strength of our recent Scientific Programs at both the Spring and Fall meetings, it is easy to see that research is at the heart of the future of our specialty. Each year, the ARS awards resident and new investigator grants in rhinology as a participating society of the AAO-HNSF CORE Grant program. Many of these small grants have served to support the early development of some of our brightest minds and future leaders of our specialty.

Members and friends of the American Rhinologic Society have the opprtunity to make a direct donation to the ARS in support of research. Past grants have been largely supported by donations from industry, but in the ever-changing financial landscape of medicine, it is up to us to ensure the strength and vitality of our specialty.

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