Rhinologists in Private Practice Section

The Rhinologists in Private Practice (RiPP) Section was established with the purpose of providing private practice rhinologists a greater role in the ARS through leadership opportunities, private practice-specific educational activities, networking events, mentorship, and research and corporate collaborations.

RiPP will help address the issues uniquely facing private practice rhinology. These include regulatory advocacy, economic challenges, adoption of new technologies, and education. In addition, RiPP seeks to encourage private practice rhinologists to pursue ARS leadership positions and help tailor educational programming to the unique needs of the private practitioner.


The purpose of the ARS is to advance the science and art of medicine as it relates to the care of people with rhinologic diseases and disorders. The The Rhinologists in Private Practice (RiPP) is formed to support private practice otolaryngologists interested in the practice of rhinology and endoscopic sinus surgery as they work to advance those purposes. The RiPP Section will function in an advisory role to the Board of Directors, the membership, and committees of the ARS. More specifically, the RiPP Section will help the ARS:

  1. Fully utilize the resources and talents of private practice rhinologists in their efforts to advance the purposes of the ARS.
  2. Support the full integration of private practice rhinologists into the activities of ARS by
    1. advocating for private practice in ARS leadership and committee positions.
    2. fostering corporate collaborations and mentoring for private practice rhinologists.
    3. addressing issues affecting rhinologists such as regulatory advocacy, economic challenges, and other critical issues affecting the practice of rhinology in a private practice setting.
    4. establishing partnerships to promote research.
    5. promoting the inclusion of private practice rhinologists in educational programming and planning.
  3. Facilitate communication regarding issues of interest to and about private practice physicians in the subspecialty of rhinology.
  4. Support advocacy efforts related to private practice rhinology (e.g. billing/coding concerns, in office procedures, etc.)

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