The WiR officially became a Section at the Fall 2018 Annual Meeting of the ARS.  At their first business meeting the below slate of officers was elected.  The WiR leadership wishes to thank those who previously served on the Governing Council, the prior working group of the WiR, without whose guidance and efforts the WiR would not be where it is today.

WiR Leadership

Jivianne Lee, MD
Immediate Past Chair

Elina Toskala, MD


Stacey Grey, MD


Patricia Loftus, MD
Information Officer

Stephanie Joe, MD
Financial Officer

Lauren Luk, MD


Elizabeth Ference, MD


Shintani-Smith, MD

Research Chair

Raewyn Campbell, MD
Mentorship Chair

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*voting restricted to women members of the ARS

Former WiR Council:

  • Amber Luong, MD, Chair
  • Angela Donaldson, MD
  • Ayesha Khalid, MD
  • Dana Crosby, MD
  • Devyani Lal, MD
  • Elina M Toskala, MD
  • Engenia Vining, MD
  • Erin O’Brien, MD
  • Jamie Litvack, MD
  • Jennifer Villwock, MD
  • Jivianne Lee, MD
  • Melissa Pynnonen, MD
  • Sandra Lin, MD
  • Sarah K Wise, MD
  • Stacey Gray, MD
  • Stella Lee, MD
  • Zara Patel, MD