Allergy & Immunology in Rhinology (AIR) Section

The Allergy and Immunology in Rhinology (AIR) is a Section within the ARS that was established by members interested in the management and education of allergic airway inflammation and overall immunologic processes and their effects and influences on the understanding of upper airway diseases. Towards these goals, the section will support and participate in various educational activities and platforms while providing networking opportunities.

AIR Leadership 2023-2024

Sandra Lin, MD


Chadi Makary, MD


Regan Bergmark, MD


Omar G. Ahmed, MD



The Allergy and Immunology in Rhinology (AIR) Section of the American Rhinologic Society sees to bring together ARS members interested in advancing the care of people with rhinologic diseases and disorders through research and education of allergy and immunology. The AIR Section will serve within the ARS to:

  • Fully utilize the resources and talents of those members with expertise, practical knowledge, and interest in allergic/immunologic conditions relating to rhinologic conditions in their efforts to advance the care of patients with rhinologic diseases
  • Provide meeting content and educational activities focused on allergy/immunology
  • Establish opportunities for research collaborations among its members
  • Support advocacy efforts related to allergy/immunology issues and practice

The AIR Section invites all ARS members to join and become involved by completing the membership form. The Section also provides ARS members opportunities to participate in leadership roles. For additional information on AIR and its activities, we invite you to explore the following:

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