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Friends in Research Initiative

From the strength of our recent Scientific Programs at both the Spring and Fall meetings, it is easy to see that research is at the heart of the future of our specialty. Each year, the ARS awards resident and new investigator grants in rhinology as a participating society of the AAO-HNSF CORE Grant program. New this year the ARS is also offering a three-year, multi-site Consortium Grant. Many of these small grants have served to support the early development of some of our brightest minds and future leaders of our specialty. Members and friends of the American Rhinologic Society have the opportunity to make a direct donation to the ARS in support of research.

With your support, we can continue to fund the studies that provide clinical insights valuable to the care of our patients. This work not only advances the care of our patients through scientific innovation, but also generates important data establishing the efficacy and cost effectiveness of our care. In the current financial landscape, this is equally important to ensure that our patients have access to the treatment necessary to address their complaints.

Past grants have been largely supported by donations from industry, but it is up to us to ensure the strength and vitality of our specialty. We encourage the members of the ARS to join us in investing in the future of rhinology by making a tax-deductible contribution.

Donations made prior to 12/31/20 will be applied to the 2020 calendar year.

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2023 Friends in Research Donors

DIAMOND ($2500)

Michael Stewart, MD, FARS


J. Noble Anderson, Jr. MD
Roy Casiano, MD, FARS
Greg Davis, MD, FARS
John Del Gaudio, MD, FARS
Charles Ebert, Jr., MD, FARS
Jeb Justice, MD, FARS
Robert Kern, MD, FARS
R. Peter Manes, MD, FARS
James Palmer, MD, FARS
Douglas Reh, MD, FARS
Marc Rosen, MD, FARS
Mas Takashima, MD, FARS
Jonathan Ting, MD, FARS
Eugenia Vining, MD
Marilene Wang, MD, FARS
Sarah Wise, MD, FARS

Gold ($500)

Omar G. Ahmed, MD, FARS
Nadeem Akbar, MD
Michael Armstrong, MD
Benjamin Bleier, MD, FARS
Do-Yeon Cho, MD
Noam Cohen, MD, FARS
Michael Cruz, MD, FARS
Subinoy Das, MD, FARS
Steven Davis, MD
David Gudis, MD, FARS
Yusuf Gulleth, MD
Corinna Levine, MD, FARS
Stephanie Smith, MD
Luisam Tarrats, MD, FARS
Elina Toskala, MD, FARS
Rhoda Wynn, MD, FARS

SILVER ($250)

John Craig, MD
John Chris Davis, MD
Brennan Dodson, MD
Judd Fastenberg, MD
Wayne Hsueh, MD
Aria Jafari, MD
Stephanie Joe, MD, FA
Kent Lam, MD, FARS
Donald Lanza, MD, FARS
Ryan Little, MD
Brian Lobo, MD, FARS
Chadi Makary, MD, FARS
Michael Marino, MD, FARS
Edward McCoul, MD, FARS
Robert Pettis, MD
Hassan Ramadan, MD, FARS
B. Todd Schaeffer, MD
John Ulrich, DO
Andrew Victores, MD


Richard Bailey, MD
Jay Chavda, MD
David Conley, MD, FARS
Thomas Edwards, MD
Meha Fox, MD
Rohit Garg, MD, FARS
Thomas Higgins, MD, FARS
Eric Holbrook, MD, FARS
Eyad Khabbaz, MD
Tran Locke, MD
Li-Xing Man, MD, FARS
Sonya Marcus, MD
Michael McGhee, MD
Katie Phillips, MD
Nicholas Rowan, MD
John Schneider, MD
Kristine Smith, MD
Brian Song, MD
Jason Talmadge, MD
Michael Yim, MD, FARS

FRIEND ($50)

Dole Baker, MD
Martin Hopp, MD
Alissa Kanaan, MD
Ramy Mahmoud
Nora Perkins, MD
Katie Phillips, MD
Russell Reitz, MD
David Rosen, MD
Jessica Southwood, MD
Ron Swain, Jr., MD, FARS
Dennis Tang, MD, FARS

*as of August 26, 2023

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