Sunday April 11, 2021

8 AM - 6 PM EST

The abstract module has closed.
Acceptance Emails were sent out (delayed): 1/10/2021

Presenter Details will be sent out by COSM on Feb 8th

Manuscript deadline: 3/8/2021

  • All oral abstract presentations at the annual and spring meeting require submission of a paper at the time of their presentation.  Each podium presentation is required to submit a single, unique corresponding manuscript.  If a manuscript is not received prior to presentation, all manuscript authors are prohibited from oral abstract presentations at ARS meetings for 2 years.

Program At-A-Glance
Program Book

Given the virtual format of this meeting COSM officials and the ACS have asked that all presentations have a uniform appearance.  Below you can find a link to download the official ARS background to be used for your presentation.

ARS Presentation Template
Presenter Guidelines
Conflict of Interest / Disclosure Form
IFAR Submission Guidelines
COSM website

The COSM meeting is managed by ACS/COSM Management

Inquiries, Issues, registration questions, etc should be directed to [email protected]