ARS By-Laws Amendments

Please refer to the sections below for proposed amendments to the ARS By-Laws. There is a 90-day period for review and comments that are encouraged.

Reviewed at the 2018 ARS Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA were the following changes proposed to the By Laws. There is a 90-day period for review.  Posted 6/26/2019.

Motion for a bylaw change to create a new membership category called Retired Member. This class of
membership is limited to those regular ARS members who have retired from the active practice of Medicine. These members can submit a request to become a retired regular member. They shall have all privileges of a regular membership except they shall not be eligible for any elected office, or eligible to vote. They will not be required to pay dues or assessments. They shall be required to pay registration fees and fees for social events, as do all active members at a reduced rate with access to the website but without IFAR journal access.