Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy - CPT 31231

Diagnostic nasal endoscopy is a procedure performed to better characterize the anatomy of the nasal cavity and/or paranasal sinuses and to identify sinonasal pathology not afforded by anterior rhinoscopy. It is typically performed in the office setting using rigid or flexible endoscopes, often, but not always with topical decongestion and/or anesthesia, though can be performed in the operating room as well. Many practitioners often also utilize a video monitor and a recording device for  documentation and education purposes.

Common indications for diagnostic nasal endoscopy include but are not limited to:

  • Evaluate for chronic sinonasal symptoms unexplained by anterior rhinoscopy
  • Assess interval response to medical or surgical therapy in patients with chronic sinusitis and recurrent acute sinusitis
  • Monitor for recurrence of nasal polyps
  • Evaluate and manage epistaxis
  • Perform endoscopically guided cultures
  • Assess facial pain suggestive of rhinogenic origin
  • Evaluate clear rhinorrhea suggestive of cerebrospinal fluid leak
  • Perform initial diagnosis and interval surveillance for sinonasal neoplasms

Nasal endoscopy is a crucial and medically necessary component of the complete evaluation of the patient with Rhinologic complaints.