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Chair: Christopher Roxbury, MD

Committee Charge

Assist the Board of Directors in development, implementation, and monitoring of policies related to quality patient care and promote culture of quality through the ARS

The duties of the Quality Improvement Committee include:

  • Identify QI Topics
    • Develop and maintain a prioritized list of clinical topics that would benefit from QI initiatives
    • Board of Directors will approve this list on an annual basis
  • Identify Existing Material
    • Identify existing sources of quality documents such as guidelines, policy statements, published literature
    • Determine if ARS should endorse these documents based upon best evidence
  • Develop/review new material
    • Assist in developement of internal ARS-produced information or metrics relating to quality, clinical risk, patient safety and performance improvement measures and outcomes
    • Assist Research Committee as needed to design of clinical trials and multi-institutional research studies designed to produce information on clinical quality, risk, and patient safety
    • Review, as appropriate, copies or summaries of reports prepared by outside societies (AAOHNS, AAAAI, AAOA, etc), third party consultants or auditors retained to evaluate ARS quality measures, clinical risk, patient safety and performance improvement measures and outcomes
    • Review industry requests to have the ARS provide a statement on their technology and develop an evidence-based statement focused on the quality of care for the ARS BOD to review
    • Interface with AAOHNS committees such as PSQI and others as needed, to foster collaborative initiatives for quality improvement in Rhinology
    • All internal or external documents will be thoroughly vetted by the QI Committee in a timely fashion as requested by the BOD. After QI review, evidence based recommendations will be made to the BOD regarding whether or not the QI committee recommends endorsement
  • Dissemination of QI Metrics/Documents
    • ARS produced QI documents will be owned by the ARS, published in the Society's journal, IFAR, and placed on the ARS website for public dissemination. When approved and endorsed by the BOD, outside documents may be referenced on the ARS website and linked to the original source documents
    • Participate in CME programs as requested to promote an understanding of clinical quality and patient safety measurements.

Committee Members

  • Term Ending 2025
    • Aria Jafari
    • Daniel O'Brien
    • Amrita Ray
    • Michael Yim
  • Term Ending 2026
    • Christopher Roxbury (Chair) (2nd Term)
    • Sonya Marcus
    • Daniel Spielman
    • Dennis Tang
    • Jonathan Ting (2nd Term)