Daniel Beswick

Chair: Daniel Beswick, MD FARS

Committee Charge

The Duties of the Membership Committee include:

  1. Actively recruit new members
  2. Assist in maintaining existing membership
  3. Assess membership needs through instruments such as questionnaires or other methods suggested by the Board, and communicate the members needs to the Board.
  4. Seek new ways to add value to Membership.
  5. Mail "call for papers" for the fall and spring meetings to the Chairs of Otolaryngology department with Otolaryngology Training Programs approximately 3 months in advance of the abstract deadlines that are March 15th and November 1st of each year. This mailing will include an announcement for Awards and Grants available through this Society.
  6. Conduct a semi-annual mailing to all residency program directors requesting assistance with resident recruitment to our society.
  7. The Membership Committee Chairperson shall be a member of the Newsletter Committee.

The duties of the membership committee shall be to review and approve applicants for Society membership in all categories except Fellow. For Fellow applicants, the committee shall review and certify Fellowship eligibility and submit the list of new applicants to the Board for consideration of election to the Society. The chairman of the Committee will coordinate review of applications by Committee members and will notify the Secretary when applicants have been approved.

Committee Members

  • Term Ending 2024
    • Andrea Hebert (2nd Term)
    • Anna Knisely (2nd Term)
    • Elisa Illing (2nd Term)
    • Katherine Lees
    • Emily Barrow
    • Daniel Beswick (Chair)
  • Term Ending 2025
    • Ryan Rimmer
    • David Yen
    • Ashoke Khanwalkar
    • Li-Xing Man
    • Frederick Yoo
  • Term Ending 2026
    • Yusuf Gulleth
    • Yvonne Chan
    • Adam Campbell