Greg Davis

Chair: Greg Davis, MD FARS

Committee Charge

The charge of the Marketing committee will be market the society as a whole. This will include meetings, membership, and any other areas deemed to fall under the purveyance of enhancing the visibility and reputation of the society. The committee will be chaired by a former member of this committee or a current/previous Board of Directors member. The term will be for a period of three years. The committee will be composed of the chairs of the following committees: membership, information technology, residents/fellows, newsletter, and international. These members will serve a term that coincides with their chairmanship of their respective committees. Additional members of the committee are the President-Elect, one administrator, and two members-at-large. It will report directly to the Executive Vice-President and the President of the society.

Committee Members

  • Mohamad Chaaban
  • Leah Hauser
  • Brian Lobo
  • Amber Luong
  • Suzette Mikula
  • Sanjeet Rangarajan
  • Kenneth Rodriguez
  • Jessica Southwood
  • Thomas Willson