Chair: Jeremiah Alt, MD, PhD, FARS

Committee Charge

The Education Committee shall make available and to disseminate scientific information by way of courses, seminars, lectures, exhibits, publications, literature, etc., and shall include all matters pertaining to the issuance of any publication of the Society.

Educational Programs: The Education Committee is responsible for the design of the educational programs at the Annual Meeting and Spring Meeting of the Society in conjunction with the Program Committee. All instruction courses are designed or implemented under this committee.

The Education Committee Chairperson shall also serve as the representative for Continuing Medical Education to set up the guidelines for accreditation.

Internet Technology: The Education Committee is also responsible for development and administration of the Society Web-Site in conjunction with the Coordinator for Corporate Affairs.

The Education Committee Chairperson shall be a member of the Newsletter Committee.

Committee Members

  • Term Ending 2021
    • Anthony Del Signore
    • Ashleigh Halderman
    • Wayne Hsueh
    • Jonathan Liang
    • Michael Marino
    • Tamara Rimash
    • Kristine Smith
    • Abtin Tabaee
    • Elina Toskala
  • Term Ending 2022
    • Garret Choby (2nd Term)
    • Angela Donaldson
    • Elizabeth Ference
    • Edward Kuan
    • Chris Le
    • Jose Mattos
    • Camilo Reyes
    • Nicholas Rowan
    • Kristin Seiberling (2nd Term)
    • Ted Schuman
    • Eric Wang (2nd Term)
  • Term Ending 2023
    • Jeremiah Alt (Chair) (2nd Term)
    • Christopher Brook
    • Christopher Ito (2nd term)
    • Ashutosh Kacker
    • Charled Riley