Chirag Patel


Chair: Chirag Patel, MD FARS

Committee Charge

The duties of the Information Technology Committee include:

  1. Coordination of all Society activities on the Internet, including the Society's public web pages and member-only web pages.
  2. Oversight of vendor services for the Society's Internet activities.
  3. Policy development for the Society's Internet activities (subject to review by the Board of Directors).
  4. Coordination of the Society's administration activities through the Society's customized web applications (including member records, dues administration, abstract submission and review, and meeting registration)
  5. Maintenance of a Society "IT Manual" that summarizes the functions of the Society's customized web applications.
  6. Review and coordination of other issues related to information technology.
  7. Other functions assigned the Committee by the Board of Directors.
  8. The Chairperson of this committee will also serve as the Information Technology Officer. This officer shall report to the Board at its regular meetings and will manage the budget allocated for information technology activities. The information technology officer is responsible for the Society's day-to-day internet activities, whereas the committee, under the leadership of the chairperson, is responsible for the overall, long-term strategy for the Society's internet activities.
  9. The Chairman of the Information Technology committee will ensure that all electronic messages sent by the ARS are reviewed and approved by two ARS officers, and that a log is kept with a copy of the original message.

Committee Members

  • Term Ending 2024
    • Dennis Tang
    • Sarfaraz Banglawala
  • Term Ending 2025
    • Rijul Kshirsagar
    • Chirag Patel¬†(Chair)
    • Thomas Edwards
    • Patricia Johnson
    • Pete Papagiannopoulos
  • Term Ending 2026
    • Adam Folbe