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Medical College of Georgia - Augusta University
Rhinology-Skull Base Surgery Fellowship Program
1120 15th Street
BP 4109
Augusta, GA 30912




Stil Kountakis M.D., Ph.D.


Ken Byrd, MD


Camilo Reyes, MD, Rhinology - Skull Base Surgery
Mingsi Li, MD, Rhinology - Skull Base Surgery
Drew Prosser, MD, Pediatric Rhinology - Skull Base Surgery


The objective of this one-year fellowship is to provide a broad experience in the clinical and basic science aspects of Rhinology and Skull Base Surgery to interested and qualified applicants. Through our fellowship training we will help establish leaders in the field who will help to improve current standards of patient care, educate others, and perform research.


The fellowship is designed to provide excellent training in chronic rhinosinusitis, functional endoscopic sinus surgery, revision endoscopic sinus surgery, frontal sinus surgery including the endoscopic modified Lothrop procedure, image guided sinus surgery, endoscopic transsphenoidal hypophysectomy, allergic fungal rhinosinusitis, ostial balloon dilation, and endoscopic management of skull base defects and tumors. Fellows are appointed as junior faculty when appropriate with full hospital privileges.


Clinical Rotations:

The Fellow’s clinical schedule mirrors that of Dr. Kountakis and Dr. Byrd. Specifically, the fellow receives clinical training during 3 rhinology half-day clinics per week and in the operating room twice per week. Skull base cases are prioritized and the fellow is given time to participate in these surgeries. Additional clinical teaching takes place during hospital rounds, clinical activities of the Skull Base Center, and pediatric rhinology cases. The fellow may see rhinology patients and staff sinus surgery procedures at the VA hospital.

Weekly Schedule:

  • Monday: OR in the mornings or academic time (every other week), academic time Monday afternoon.
  • Tuesday: Rhinology clinic in the morning and afternoon. Operating room if skull base cases scheduled.
  • Wednesday: OR for Rhinology and/or Skull base cases.
  • Thursday: Rhinology clinic in the morning, VA clinic or surgery in the afternoon.
  • Friday: Academic time or skull base cases when scheduled.

Fellow is free to choose and participate in skull base surgery anytime cases are scheduled.

Research Responsibilities:

Fellows are encouraged to develop research proposals under the direction of the fellowship directors with full Department funding available to support travel to present work at the major meetings of the American Rhinologic Society, the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, North American Skull Base Society and the Triological Society.

Diversity of Cases:

The fellow will have exposure to all cases in rhinology, sinus and skull base surgery. Eosinophilic chronic sinusitis with polyps and allergic fungal sinusitis cases with skull base and orbital erosion are abundant. The fellow will also be exposed to all aspects of skull base surgery including hypophysectomies, benign and malignant tumors and skull base reconstruction techniques.

Call Schedule:

The fellow has practice plan benefits as an employee of the Augusta University Medical Associates and will take faculty call, approximately 1 week every 2 months.

One of the goals of the fellowship is to teach the fellow how to teach. Fellows are exposed to residents and medical students on a continuing basis in the clinics and in the OR and they have primary role in the teaching of our residents and medical students, especially in the operating room. Fellows with US license to practice medicine are assigned half day per week to the VA where they practice independently and supervise otolaryngology residents.

Patient Care Responsibilities:

  1. See and evaluate rhinology patients in the rhinology clinics.
  2. Supervise the preparation process for patients requiring rhinologic surgery.
  3. Participate in rhinology cases in the operating room.
  4. Round on in-hospital rhinology patients twice daily.
  5. Supervise otolaryngology residents on the rhinology rotation.
  6. Participate in the care of emergency rhinology patients.
  7. Participate in the care of skull base surgery patients.
  8. Fellows appointed as junior faculty have patient responsibilities as delineated in their hospital privileges.

Didactic Components:

  1. Attend all department conference pertaining to Rhinology.
  2. Assist in implementation of annual CME program.
  3. Give 2 department otolaryngology resident lectures/year.
  4. Serve as a peer reviewer of a minimum of 4 journal articles per year.
  5. Attend otolaryngology journal club every month and proctor rhinology papers being discussed.
  6. Supervise resident cadaver training dissection.
  7. Attend all otolaryngology grand rounds.
  8. Attend department surgical planning conference.


Fellowship Year Present Employment
2019-2020 Chadi Makary, MD Current Fellow
2018-2019 Ike Unsal, MD Drexel University
2017-2018 Mingsi Li, MD Medical College of Georgia-Augusta University
2016-2017 Christopher Ito UMass Memorial, Worcester, MA
2015-2016 Camilo Reyes, MD Medical College of Georgia-Augusta University
2014-2015 Joshua Yelverton, MD Private Practice, Charlotte, NC
2013-2014 Jose Gurrola, MD University of Virginia
2012-2013 David Jang, MD Duke University
2011-2012 Brett Comer, MD University of Kentucky
2010-2011 Eyad Khabbaz, MD University of Pittsburgh
2009-2010 Jastin Antisdel, MD St. Louis University
2008-2009 Troy Woodard, M.D.  Cleveland Clinic Foundation
2007-2008 Patricia Maeso, M.D. University of Texas-Galveston
2006-2007 Subinoy Das, M.D.  Ohio State University
2005-2006 Francis Ling, M.D.  University of Windsor, Canada
2004-2005 K Christopher McMains, M.D.  Uniformed Forces University, San Antonio, TX
2003-2004: Firas Farhat, M.D.  Clemenceau Medical Center, Beirut, Lebanon



Applicants with one of the following qualifications are eligible for appointment to the Medical College of Augusta University Rhinology Fellowship:

  1. Board eligible/Board certified Otolaryngologists in the United States.
  2. Graduates of Otolaryngology Residency Programs outside the United States and Canada who have received a current valid certificate from the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates. USA Licensed otolaryngologists are prioritized.

Fellows will be selected based on their ability and knowledge within the field of Otolaryngology and Rhinology - Skull Base Surgery. The Medical College of Georgia - Augusta University particularly encourages applications from individuals with an interest and a proven track record of excellence in scholarly pursuits.


All applications received by MCG-AU are independently reviewed by at least two faculty members, and decisions regarding interviews are made by consensus.


Stil Kountakis, M.D., Ph.D
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Professor and Chairman
Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Medical College of Georgia - Augusta University
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Augusta, Georgia 30912-4060
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