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Massachusetts Eye and Ear / Harvard Medical School Fellowship in Rhinology
Massachusetts Eye and Ear
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Ralph Metson MD


Stacey Gray, MD
Eric Holbrook, MD


"Veritas Nasalis" -- "To the nose alone be true."  John Harvard 1636


The rhinology fellowship at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary / Harvard Medical School is a one-year program designed to combine the best features of a personal mentorship with the clinical, research, and teaching opportunities of a top-ranked, tertiary-care academic center. Two clinical fellows are accepted each year.


Clinical Rotations:

Fellows work with 4 dedicated rhinologists who have high-volume academic practices -- Drs. Ralph Metson, Eric Holbrook, Stacey Gray, and Ben Bleier. Each fellow will spend two 3-month rotations with Dr. Metson and two 3-month rotations sharing time with Drs. Holbrook, Gray, and Bleier.

Weekly Schedule:

Each week, fellows will spend approximately 2 days in the O.R. and 2 days in the clinic . One day per week will be protected research time.

Research Responsibilities:

The development and execution of quality clinical and basic science research projects in the field of rhinology is a priority.

Diversity of Cases:

Fellows will participate in over 300 surgical cases during the year, as they receive comprehensive training in the depth and breadth of sinus, orbit, and skull base surgery. Examples of cases performed during the fellowship can be found at Case logs are available from the current fellows. Fellows will have a direct role in resident education in the operating room, as well as at regularly scheduled Departmental conferences and courses.  

2021-2022 Fellow's Case Log


2024 Noel Ayoub, Current Fellow, [email protected]
2024 Firas Sbeih, Current Fellow, [email protected]
2023 Dara Adams, Faculty, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL
2023 Thad Vickery, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, San Francisco, CA
2022 Barak Ringel, Associate Staff, Mass Eye and Ear, Boston, MA
2021 Marianella Paz-Lansberg, Faculty, Boston University Medical Center, MA
2021 Jonathan Simmonds, Private Practice, White Plains, NY
2020 Aria Jafari, Faculty, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
2020 Ashton Lehmann, Faculty, Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, PA
2019 Catherine Banks, Faculty, University of South Wales, Australia
2019 Qasim Husain, Private Practice, New Jersey
2018 Edward El Rassi, Faculty, University of Oklahoma
2018 George Scangas, Faculty, Mass Eye & Ear, Harvard Medical School
2017 Regan Bergmark, Faculty, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School
2017 Adam Campbell, Private Practice, Savannah, Georgia
2016 Christopher Brook, Faculty, Boston University Medical School
2016 Alice Maxfield, Faculty, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School
2015 Ahmad Sedaghat, Faculty, Mass Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School
2015 Will Yao, Faculty, University of Texas, Houston
2014 Giant Lin, Private Practice, Florham Park, NJ
2014 Josh Meier, Private Practice, Reno, NV
2013 Nipun Chhabra, Faculty, Case Western Reserve Medical School, Cleveland, OH
2013 David Healy, Private Practice, Kalispell, MT
2012 Jonathan Ting, Faculty, Indiana University
2012 Arthur Wu, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
2011 Jamie Litvack, Faculty, University of Washington
2010 Zachary Soler, Faculty, Medical University of South Carolina
2009 Man-Kit Leung, Private Practice, San Francisco, CA
2008 Michael Platt, Faculty, Boston University Medical School
2007 Douglas Reh, Private Practice, Baltimore, MD
2006 Steven Pletcher, Faculty, University of California, San Francisco
2005 Stacey Gray, Faculty, Mass Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School
2004 Raj Sindwani, Faculty, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
2003 Feo Ung, Private Practice, Dupage Medical Group, IL
2002 Mark Samaha, Faculty, McGill University, Toronto, Canada
2000 Matthew Cosenza, Private Practice Chillicothe, OH


Applications should be submitted through the Rhinology Fellowship Match at Interviews will be offered between February 1st and May 31st . Applications from foreign candidates are considered


Ralph Metson, MD
Tel: 617.227.4366
Email: [email protected]