Ben Bleier

Chair: Benjamin Bleier, MD FARS

Committee Charge

ARS Research Grant Information Overview The New Investigator $25,000 award is open to a promising investigator who is not a current recipient of a major research grant. This award is active for up to two years and requires the mentorship of an established investigator. Two Resident Research awards, each in the amount of $8,000, are available. These awards are for a period of one year. Residents applying for this award must be an ARS member or candidate and must have an ARS member as a co-investigator. ARS members of CORE's Study Section review all applications. Review criteria include project significance, scientific approach/methodology, and feasibility. Each applicant will receive a summary statement detailing the reviewers' comments. Recipients of ARS research grants are required to submit a final project status and financial report, and present the findings of their research at a national meeting of the ARS. Publication of results is expected with the ARS having the right of first refusal through its official journal, The International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology.

Committee Members

  • Term Ending 2021
    • Ben Bleier (Chair) (2nd Term)
    • Stella Lee
    • Vijay Ramakrishnan (2nd Term - Chair-elect)
    • Stephanie Shintani-Smith (2nd Term)
  • Term Ending 2022
    • Henry Barham (2nd Term)
    • Josh Levy (2nd Term)
  • Term Ending 2023
    • Michael Kohanski
    • Victoria Lee
    • Carol Yan