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Erin D. Wright, MDCM, MEd, FRCSC


Vision: We will build an Otolaryngology center of excellence that will exceed the expectations of our patients, university, region, staff and colleagues. We will establish the Division of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery as the preeminent national and international center for teaching and strategically developed areas of knowledge creation.

Mission: Promote Otolaryngologic health to Northern Albertans through a commitment to excellence in patient care, education, knowledge creation and public service.


Through your participation in the fellowship it expected that you will:

  • Develop an intimate expertise in providing comprehensive medical and surgical care of patients with chronic rhinosinusitis
  • Actively participate in minimally invasive approaches to the skull base as part of a collaborative team including neurosurgery colleagues
  • Participate in and present multiple scientific research projects in areas such as clinical innovation, clinical outcomes, and basic science research relating to rhinosinusitis


Clinical Rotations:

There will be two main sites at which the fellowship activities will take place. The superbly equipped outpatient clinic is located at the University of Alberta Hospital. Major and collaborative surgical cases will also be performed at the University Hospital. Ambulatory and short stay cases will be performed at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Both sites will be equipped with state of the art equipment including multiple image guidance systems.

Weekly Schedule:

The general structure of the fellowship parallels Dr. Wright’s schedule, which includes 2 days per week in the outpatient clinic as well as 2-2.5 days per week in the operating theatre. The final day in the week will be allotted for academic, research, and enrichment activities as outlined below.

Research Responsibilities:

  • Active development of at least one research project for which you will be primarily responsible
  • Active participation in ongoing or collaborative projects within the Division of Otolaryngology or related Departments including:
    • Clinical or therapeutic trials
    • Outcomes research in rhinosinusitis
    • Basic science of rhinosinusitis in collaboration with the Pulmonary Research Group

Diversity of Cases:

Operative experience includes:

  • Graduated independence in endoscopic sinus surgery commensurate with experience and demonstrated expertise
  • Active participation in complex primary and revision endoscopic sinus surgical procedures as well as surgical management of epistaxis
  • Development of in-depth expertise in frontal recess, sphenoid and parasellar surgery
  • Active participation in extended applications of endoscopic sinus surgery techniques including:
    • Endoscopic CSF fistula repair
    • Endoscopic encephalocele repair
    • Endoscopic orbital decompression
    • Endoscopic approaches for pituitary surgery
    • Resection of parasellar and anterior skull base tumours
    • Endoscopic management of sinonasal neoplasms

2020-2022 Fellow's Case Log

Call Schedule:

Call expectations are limited to when Dr. Wright is on-call, typically 4-5 weeks per year.

Additional Information:

It is expected that fellows will enter the program with the skills in endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery commensurate with that of a PGY-5 resident in Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery graduating from a Canadian training program. As such, the aim of the fellowship is to refine rather than develop the candidate’s surgical skills. This will include participation in complex primary cases (e.g. frontal recess work) and revision sinus surgery as well as approaches/reconstruction of the skull base and resection of sinonasal tumours. It is expected that the presence of the fellow will enhance the experience of the residents on the service by virtue of teaching and guidance for the resident performing basic endoscopic sinus surgery.


  • Active participation in the teaching of medical students, Otolaryngology trainees, and allied health personnel


Daniel O’Brien, West Virginia University, 2020/2022
Jessica Clark, University of Alberta, 2019/2020
Nimrod Amitai, Tel Aviv University, 2018/2019
Ilan Blau, Tel Aviv University, 2017/2018
Archana Jaiswal, University of Manchester, 2016/2017
Marilou Piché, Université Laval, 2015/2016
Samuel Greig, New Zealand, 2014/2015
Marie Bussieres, Université de Sherbrooke, 2013/2014
Justin Khetani, McMaster University, 2012/2013
Leigh Sowerby, University of Western Ontario, 2011/2012
Menachem Gross, Hebrew University, Israel, 2010/2011
Damian Micomonaco, University of Western Ontario, 2009/2010
Christopher Diamond, University of Alberta, 2008/2009
Rajiv K. Bhalla, Manchester Royal Infirmary, 2007/2008


Preference given to candidates eligible for medical licensure in the Province of Alberta (CPSA).


Applications reviewed as they are received. Interviews conducted from Feb - May (exceptions can be made for ealier interviews as needed). A visit of 2-3 days is encouraged in order to gain familiarity with the Institution and the city.


Melissa Heuvingh
[email protected]