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Zara M. Patel, MD


  • To provide the highest possible quality of care to patients with complicated ear, nose, and throat disorders
  • To provide the finest possible educational experience to trainees including medical students, residents, and fellows
  • To discover new insights into the pathophysiology of otolaryngological disease
  • To invent new technological applications designed to optimize therapy of challenging clinical problems as well as to overcome disabilities brought on by illness


The two-year Rhinology fellowship at Stanford University is an intensive training experience designed to prepare individuals for successful academic careers in rhinology. The fellowship offers a 50% clinical, 50% research experience, with dedicated research time integrated into the weekly schedule throughout the fellowship. The Stanford Sinus Center offers a high-volume tertiary clinical experience covering all aspects of advanced medical and surgical rhinology. Equally emphasized by the fellowship directors is personal academic mentorship to develop and refine skills in teaching, research, manuscript preparation, grant writing, and oral presentation.


Clinical Rotations:

The two-year fellowship is available every other year with starting dates of July 2015, 2017, etc. Fellows receive a faculty appointment at the instructor level and are actively engaged in all aspects of the Department’s comprehensive educational program, including medical student conferences, resident didactics, grand rounds, and teaching in the clinic and operating room. Fellows carry an independent clinic and surgical caseload, including tertiary sinus and skull base cases, in addition to other clinical duties. The schedules for the one-year and two-year tracks are complementary with no overlap between clinical duties of the two fellows to ensure individually enriching experiences.

Weekly Schedule

2Y Fellow Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Block 1
(July-Oct, Jan-March)

JZ Rotation

Research Day AM: Patel Clinic
PM: Alternate Nayak Clinic and Hwang OR

Patel OR

Occasional Nayak VA OR

½ Day: Patel Clinic

½ Day: Research

Nayak vs Patel OR

Block 2
(Nov-Dec, April-June)

Hwang Rotation

Research Day Hwang OR Hwang Clinic

Alternate with 1yr Fellow:

Reserach Day vs Hwang OR

AM: Research (Occasional Hwang Cases @ LPCH)
PM: Fellow Clinic

*Means typical month in Block 2: Week 1 and 3 Hwang OR, Week 2 Research, Week 4 Clinic.

Research Responsibilities:

Candidates for the two-year track are keenly interested in pursuing a path in academic rhinology and successfully balancing a research career along with a surgical practice. They typically pursue challenging basic science laboratory projects or clinical projects, both of which have translational applications. Half of each week is protected to advance research pursuits, with the remainder of the week devoted to clinical practice. At the completion of the fellowship, it is anticipated that the two-year fellow will have 1) learned how to design and complete a core body of research; 2) published several manuscripts; 3) presented their work at national and international forums; 4) positioned themselves to be competitive for grant funding as an academic rhinologist.

Diversity of Cases:

Fellows receive comprehensive surgical training in the full spectrum of advanced techniques, including revision sinus surgery, frontal sinus surgery, office-based surgical procedures, and endoscopic skull base and orbital surgery for benign and malignant disease. Over the course of two years, fellows receive the equivalent clinical training as that of the one-year fellows. Fellows typically finish with >350 cases over the course of their fellowship.

Additional Information:

$85,300 plus standard health and retirement package
Travel to any meeting at which research from the fellowship is being presented

CURRENT AND PAST FELLOWS (1-Year & 2-Year Tracks)

Dates Name Title Institution
2021-2023 Michael T. Chang, MD ** Training In-progress  
2021-2022 Christopher Low, MD Training In-progress  
2020-2021 Ashoke Khanwalkar, MD  Assistant Professor  University of Colorado
2020-2021 Matt Lechner, MD PhD Associate Professor of Surgery  University College London
2019-2020 Katie Phillips, MD  Assistant Professor  University of Cinicinnati
2018-2019 Matthew Tyler, MD  Assistant Professor University of Minnesota
2017-2018 Jonathan Overdevest, MD, PhD  Assistant Professor Columbia University Medical Center
2017-2019 Carol Yan, MD ** Assistant Professor UC San Diego
2016-2017 Garret Choby, MD Associate Professor Mayo Clinic
2015-2017 Andrew Thamboo, MD **  Clinical Instructor University of British Columbia - Vancouver, BC
2015-2016 Evan Walgama, MD  Assistant Professor Providence Saint John's Cancer Institute
2014-2015 Ian Humphreys, DO  Assistant Professor  University of Washington 
2013-2014 Waleed Abuzeid, MD Associate Professor  Albert Einstein College of Medicine 
2013-2015 Neville Teo, MBBS, MRCS, MMed ** Consultant, Clinical Lecturer  Singapore General Hospital, National University of Singapore 
2012-2013  Alkis Psaltis, MBBS, PhD, FRACS  Department Head of Otolaryngology, Senior Lecturer  Queen Elizabeth Hospital, University of Adelaide 
2011-2012  Justin Turner, MD, PhD  Assistant Professor  Vanderbilt University 
2011-2013  Ethan Soudry, MD ** Assistant Professor  Tel Aviv University 
2010-2011  Zara Patel, MD  Associate Professor  Stanford University 
2009-2010 Devyani Lal, MD Professor Mayo Clinic Arizona
2008-2009 Adam Becker, MD Private Practice Private Practice, Raleigh, NC
2007-2008 Anne Getz, MD Assistant Professor University of Colorado
2006-2007 Joseph Raviv, MD Clinical Assistant Professor ENH ENT Group, Evanston, IL
2005-2006 Parul Goyal, MD Private Practice Private Practice, Syracuse, NY
*2004-2005 Jose Busquets, MD Assistant Professor University of Puerto Rico
*2003-2004 Mark Zacharek, MD Associate Professor University of Michigan
*2002-2003 Joseph Han, MD Professor Eastern Virginia Medical School

* at Oregon Health & Science University
** 2-Year Track Fellows


Applicants must be board eligible/board certified in Otolaryngology and satisfy requirements for California medical licensure.


Applications are processed through the Rhinology Match at Interviews will be conducted in winter-spring. Please feel free to call or email with additional questions.


Stanford Sinus Center
Dept. of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
801 Welch Road
Stanford, California 94305
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