Each standing committee will have a chairperson, who will be nominated by the Committee on Committees and presented to the ARS Board of Directors. If approved by the Board, the candidate will be submitted to the President of the ARS for approval. If approved the President will appoint the committee chairperson.

The Chairperson must be a member in good Society standing and current with dues.

The term of appointment for the chairperson shall be for a period of three years, which may be renewable once, or until requested by the chairperson to the President to resign from that position.

Chairpersons are expected to attend the annual spring, fall and winter Board meetings to report their committee's activities to the Board. If the Chairperson cannot attend a representative from his/her committee should attend to make the presentation.

If a chairperson is elected to a position as Officer of the Society, he should tender his resignation as committee chairperson.

In addition to a Chairperson, each standing committee of the Society shall have at least two other members serving on the committee for continuity.

The committee members should serve three year terms with the expiration of terms being rotated over three years for continuity.

Each member of a non-standing committee shall continue as such until the next annual meeting of the members of the Society, or until a successor is appointed, or may be reappointed, unless the committee shall be dissolved, or unless each member is removed from such committees, or unless such member shall cease to qualify as a member thereof.

Committee members must be in good standing and current with dues in the Society.

apply for committee membership

The application cycle is currently open.  Applications are due June 1st, 2018.  Please click here for more information and to apply.

Revised 04/29/2018
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