For over half a century, the American Rhinologic Society has served otolaryngologists and allergists as the premier source for rhinologic education through live and enduring rhinology education. As the largest subspecialty society in otolaryngology dealing with this area, otolaryngologists and allergists look to our society, knowing that the information they are receiving is current, valid, and safe from bias, while addressing practical concerns they face in their daily practice to manage patients with rhinologic

“Rhinocast” emerged during the early days of the COVID 19 crisis as a means to provide timely, reliable, unbiased information to rhinologists, allergists, and otolaryngologists, from the leaders in rhinologic education, the American Rhinologic Society. The Rhinocast platform has proven wildly successful, with active participation of over 400 for each of the episodes since its inception. With Travel and meeting restrictions in place for the foreseeable future, we anticipate the Rhinocast platform will become a primary means of rhinologic education for many otolaryngologists and allergists.

Our ability to offer these webcasts is dependent upon support from our industry partners, to bring together physicians, rhinologists, and surgeons to discuss topics relevant to every practicing otolaryngologist. A diverse group of speakers is drawn from the leadership of the society, in addition to recognized experts within or outside the society in the topic of interest. With online education the new normal for now, Rhinocast webcasts will continue to grow and become and become more important to disseminating superb educational content.


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