Josh Levy

Chair: Joshua Levy, MD FARS

Committee Charge

The charge of the Resident and Fellow’s Committee is to represent the interests of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery residents and Rhinology fellows in the American Rhinologic Society. The goals of the committee include: generating interest in rhinology among residents, increase resident membership, educate residents and fellows in rhinology, offer information on practice opportunities and fellowships, and provide a forum for social interactions among residents and fellows at the meetings.

The committee will also serve as a bridge between the resident and fellow’s membership and the other ARS committees and the board. Committee membership will consist of a chairman and 9 members. The committee member terms will be 3 years and new members will be appointed as chief residents. Each member will serve a 3 year term starting at the fall meeting. Members will be selected based on interest in committee participation as well as interest in pursuing further education in rhinology.

Committee Members

  • Term Ending 2020
    • Karam Badran
    • Jordan Glicksman
    • Andrea Hebert
    • Sammy Khalili
    • Adam Kimple
    • Josh Levy (chair)
    • Charles Riley
    • Nicholas Rowan
    • Jordan Teitelbaum
    • Carol Yan
    • Jonathan Yip
    • Frederick Yoo
  • Term Ending 2021
    • Rohit Garg
    • Lauren Luk
    • Kibwei McKinney
    • Brian Thorp
    • Jennifer Villwock