Jean Anderson Eloy

Chair: Jean Anderson Eloy, MD FARS

Committee Charge

The duties of the Newsletter committee are to coordinate and manage the Newsletter functions of the Society. The Chairperson of the Education Committee and the Membership Committee will be members of the Newsletter Committee.

You can access the NEWS homepage by clicking here. This will bring you as a member up to speed with the latest events concerning the ARS.

The Nose News Newsletter can be accessed through this website as well. You will be required to log into the website in order to download the editions.

Committee Members

  • Term Ending 2023
    • Jean Anderson Eloy (Chair) (2nd Term)
  • Term Ending 2024
    • Mindy Rabinowitz
    • Omar Ahmed
    • Christina Fang
    • Jordon Grube
    • Leigh Sowerby (2nd Term)
  • Term Ending 2025
    • William Derek Leight (2nd Term
    • Mark Arnold