Update Your User Profile

In order to keep our records as up to date as possible, we request that you take a few moments to log into the ARS website and update your user profile. Not only will this help with accurate record keeping, but it also enables our members to easily search for one another.

step 1: login

step 2: enter your username and password (green arrow)
If you do not remember your username and/or password, you can retrieve this using the links (blue arrow). If you check the "Remember my login on this computer," (red arrow) you will stay logged in to the site.

Step 3: click on the "Profile" link (upper right, red arrow)

Step 4: click on the "Update My Profile" link (upper left column)

Thank you! That is all you need to do. Remember to save your work. You can change this information at any time and will be reminded to update your profile every time you pay your dues. Please do not hesitate to contact us with errors you encounter or with any helpful feedback.

Thank you very much.

Revised 04/27/2016
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