Submission Guidelines - Page 2

General guidelines for construction

The authors must agree to the following:

  1. The abstract must adequately describe the objectives, methods, results and conclusions so that the Abstract Committee may evaluate the quality of the work and proposed presentation.
  2. The abstract title should fully reflect the content of the abstract body. Please do not type in ALL CAPS.
  3. A structured abstract format is required; that is, all abstracts should contain these sections: Introduction (background information and purpose of the project/study), Methods (study design, techniques), Results (summary of data), and Conclusions.
  4. The authors must accept sole responsibility for the statements in their submitted abstract.
  5. Illustrations and tables are not permitted in abstract submissions.
  6. Supplementary data are not accepted under any circumstances.
  7. Abbreviations may be used in the abstract if such abbreviations are defined at their first mention.
  8. Abstracts may be submitted for oral or poster presentation.

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