Strategic Plan

Mission - Our Core Purpose
Promote excellence in the care of patients with disorders of the nose, sinuses, and skull base through research, education and advocacy

Core Values - What We Stand For

  • We actively seek to advance Rhinologic patient care through research and investigation
  • We generate research break-throughs that improve patient lives
  • We apply rigor and discipline to the generation and dissemination of new knowledge
  • We are ethical and value honesty, consistency and credibility
  • We value diversity and respect other's contributions to our collective work
  • We foster open, transparent communication and information-sharing
  • We are passionate about ensuring outstanding care to all people with Rhinologic disorders
  • Our research is of the highest quality and is a standard for excellence
  • We consistently deliver relevant, high quality education and services
Vision - Our Picture of the Ideal Future
Supporting Worldwide Leaders in Rhinology!
  • We are a vibrant, growing organization representing community-based and university-based Rhinologists worldwide
  • We are recognized for delivering relevant and value-added research, education and advocacy
  • Our leadership, committees, and members reflect the diversity of the broad Rhinologic community including active participation from young, talented doctors
  • We are sponsoring an ever-increasing portfolio of cutting edge research resulting in breakthrough science and evidence-based medical applications
  • We are bringing forward new therapies to improve the quality of patients' lives
  • We are delivering CME opportunities and innovative, high-tech applications for practitioners
  • Our Journal is recognized worldwide as a pre'm ier resource on Rhinology
  • Our high-functioning Board and streamlined systems and processes support effective communication, decision-making and outreach
  • We are partnering with other healthcare organizations to provide effective advocacy for members

Revised 8/2011
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