St. Elizabeth's Medical Center

Institution & address
St Elizabeth's Medical Center
736 Cambridge Street
Boston, MA 02135
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fellowship director
Peter Catalano, MD
overview of fellowship
This fellowship is unique in that it teaches surgical techniques and management protocols that are progressive and not typically taught in residency training. The fellow will be asked to challenge all they have been taught in prior years and expand their horizons and thought processes as it relates to current and future problems in rhinology. The fellow will be exposed to numerous new technologies and /or concepts in an attempt to expand the current knowledge base in this field. One goal is to challenge the staus quo and provide a foundation for inquisitive learning and exploration in both clinical practice and research proposals. The fellow is credentialed as a junior staff member to foster maturation and responsibility in their professional careers. Learning the "business" of medicine is also an important component of the training program and deemed as essential as clinical excellence. The fellow will graduate with a new set of clinical, research, and practice development skills that will provide them with the knowledge to launch a successful practice in either an academic or private setting.
fellowship description
Clinical Rotations: Each fellow spends 12 months as a junior attending in the Dept of Otolaryngology and is granted full admitting and OR privileges. They are given increasing responsibility over the course of the year and run 2 independent clinics (2 - half days) per week. There are currently no outside rotations.

Weekly Schedule: The Fellow's schedule is as follows: Mon (clinic AM & PM); Tues AM (clinic)/ PM (OR); Wed (OR AM & PM); Thur (clinic AM/ clinic PM); Fri ( OR early AM/ fellows clinic 10AM- 4PM).

Research Responsibilities: Multiple clinical projects (4-6) are on-going at any one time; many dealing with new technologies and clinical trials. Basic research opportunities exist as well.
Diversity of Cases: The case mix has improved dramatically. In addition to the large volume of endoscopic procedures to treat inflammatory nasal and sinus disease in adults and children (20% of the cases are pediatric), we have partnered with the Dept of Neurosurgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Together we have launched a new Skull Base Program that now services patients from the 12 Steward Hospitals. We also have a very active surgical program in the management of OSA, using a variety of nasal and oral cavity procedures to correct multi-level obstruction. Participation and exposure to cosmetic nasal surgery is also offered. We also feature a very active in-house allergy program.
Call Schedule: 6-7 times per month; no trauma center.
Additional Information: Teaching of medical students from Tufts University occurs monthly. Teaching of internal medicine residents occurs bi-weekly. No residents currently in the program.
current and past fellows
Michael Srodes, MD; Spencer Payne, MD; Tamara Rimash, MD; Vince Chan, MD; Mark Thong, MD; Yogesh More, MD; Vivian Yu, MD; Seth Willen, MD; Sashikanth Jonnalagadda, MD; Meir Warman, MD; Rohan Wijewickrama, MD; Rahul Gupta, MD; Melinda Davis-Malesevich ,MD; Ziad Rohayem, MD; Niranjan Sritharan, MD; Brendan Fennessy, MD; David Carlson, DO; Usama Alboekhar, MD; Wendy McConnell, DO; Mary Ashmead, MD; Turker Yilmaz, MD.
requirements for appointment
ABO eligible, able to obtain a MA state license and DEA, successful completion of US residency in Otolaryngology
application information
Application reviewed as received and interviews begin Oct 1 and go through June 1.
application deadline
May 1
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Revised: 03/05/2015