Dr. Michael Setzen: New President of the ARS

Michael Setzen, MD
President of the ARS

Fellow Rhinology Members, by the time you read my first editorial welcome as ARS President, we will have just celebrated our 57th annual ARS meeting in San Francisco on September 10, 2011. 

It is truly an honor and a distinct privilege to have been selected by my peers to perform the role of President of this esteemed Society.  I look back at previous Presidents of this society who have inspired me, David Kennedy, Vijay Anand, Mike Benninger, Fred Kuhn, Paul Toffel, Jim Hadley, Joe Jacobs, Mike Sillers, Howard Levine, Marvin Fried, Jim Stankiewicz, Stil Kountakis and most recently Brent Senior.  Each of you have inspired me in a different way and I thank you for your leadership over the years and hope what I have learned from you all, will help me steer the ARSforward with our mission statement being the driving force. 

The annual meeting was a huge success. This meeting is the signature event and acts as a forum in which members both American and International can meet, exchange ideas, and most importantly learn something new. 

The goal of the meeting was to stimulate attendees in particular with a Panel on “Controversies in Rhinology” in which we were fortunate enough to have a world renowned group of Rhinologists as panelists giving us their expert opinion. Panelists included David Kennedy, Heinz Stammberger, Brent Senior, Roy Casiano and Peter Catalano. Topics discussed were “Uncinectomy or not”, “Middle meatusantrostomy-how large”, “What is maximal medical therapy”, “Sinus Headache”, “Recurrent acute sinusitis with normal CT”and more. This was then followed by a panel in which “the Evidence”was discussed with respect to these controversies and moderated by Tim Smith.

Our Keynote Speaker and Kennedy Lecturer, Professor Heinz Stammberger presented his “Lifetime experience in the management ofSinusitis: Then and Now”.  This was then followed by our second Keynote Speaker and current President of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Rodney Lusk, MD, who presented the “Management of Pediatric Rhinosinusitis - Medical and Surgical:  Then and Now”

Other highlights of the annual meeting included the Breakfast Symposium, which featured office-based procedures in Rhinology in which turbinate procedures, balloons in the office and office-based endoscopic sinus surgery were discussed and moderated by Todd Kingdom. An international panel entitled "An International Perspective on The Etiology of Nasal Polyposis" was moderated by Jan Gosepath with a panel including Wytske Fokkens, Richard Harvey and Heinz Stammberger.  A Young Investigators Panel “ARS Young Investigators: Innovative Rhinology Research With Impact” was moderated by Andy Lane and panelists included Amber Luong, Sarah Wise, Murray Ramanathan, Bruce Tan, and Brad Woodworth.  The Scientific Session was concluded with a wonderful cheese and wine Reception at which a world-renowned sommelier highlighted California's greatest wines.

A special thank you goes out to the entire Executive Committee, the Board of Directors of the ARS and the entire committee membership of the ARS for their willingness to assist me as I assume this important role. A special vote of thanks to our outgoing president, Brent Senior, for his remarkable leadership and thanks to Joe Jacobs, our treasurer and Peter Hwang,our Secretary.

I look forward to the assistance of our President elect, Todd Kingdom,our first Vice-President, Timothy Smith and our second Vice-President, RoyCasiano, who will help me in my role as President. Also a special welcome toour new Consultants to the board, Mickey Stewart and Ralph Metson. 

A special Thank You to Wendi Perez, our Executive Administrator, for all her hard work and effort in making this Organization run efficiently.

As I look ahead I would like to enhance the Membership ofthe ARS so that all Practicing Rhinologists join this Society, both Academic and Community based Rhinologists, American and International with the goal being that the ARS will be a world leader in the education and teaching of Rhinology. Our continued involvement in securing the success of our new journal, IFAR, the International Forum of Allergy and Rhinology is critical.

The ARS web site is presently being modernized and updated to assist Members with their needs and I thank Kevin Welch for his time and effort. Nose News continues to be a great way of communicating with our Membership and I thank Marc Dubin for his efforts in making this newsletter an important document for the membership.

The ARS recently underwent an ACCME review and we did well thanks primarily to the hard work of Jim Palmer.

Once again, I want to thank you all for giving me the esteemed honor to act as President of this wonderful Society and I do hope that the goals that I have set forth for the year will move the ARS in asignificantly greater direction.