Resident & Fellows Committee

Joshua Levy, MD MPH
Chair: Resident and Fellow's Committee

The charge of the Resident and Fellow’s Committee is to represent the interests of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery residents and Rhinology fellows in the American Rhinologic Society. The goals of the committee include: generating interest in rhinology amongst residents, increase resident membership, educate residents and fellows in rhinology, offer information on practice opportunities and fellowships, and provide a forum for social interactions amongst residents and fellows at the meetings. The committee also serves as a bridge between the resident and fellow’s membership and the other ARS committees and the board.

The committee consists of a chair and 9 additional members. Members of the committee include residents, rhinology fellows and recent fellowship graduates. Committee members sit on other ARS committees to represent the interests of residents and fellows.

One of the main interests of the Resident and Fellow’s committee is to provide educational opportunities for our members including practice management. At each of the American Rhinologic Society Meetings, the Resident and Fellows Committee sponsors an event. This has included panels on job seeking, information on pursuing fellowships, coding workshops and social functions. The committee is also an active participant in the annual “Fellow’s Course” which brings all the rhinology fellows together for a weekend of rhinology education, job seeking discussions and socialization. Please feel free to contact our committee if you are a resident or fellow and have an interest in being involved.

Revised 07/18/2015
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