Patient Advocacy

Seth Brown, MD, MBA, FACS
Chair: Patient Advocacy Committee
Welcome to the ARS Patient Advocacy Committee homepage. Since its inception, our committee has been instrumental in advocating on behalf of rhinologists in the areas of practice management and reimbursement strategies. We are committed to advocating on behalf of the membership on these important issues and welcome your comments, suggestions, and/or questions. Please contact me directly at the email below.

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Patient Advocacy Committee

Chairman: Adam Campbell

Term: 09/30/21


Caitlin McLean - Expires on 09/30/20
David Martini - Expires on 09/30/20
Jennifer Villwock - Expires on 09/30/20
Justin Turner - Expires on 09/30/18
Lee Mandel - Expires on 09/30/20
Loring Perry - Expires on 09/30/20
Martin J. Citardi - Expires on 09/30/19
Naveen Bhandarkar - Expires on 09/30/19
R. Peter Manes - Expires on 09/30/20
Regan Bergmark - Expires on 09/30/18
Samuel Pate - Expires on 09/30/19
Tamara Rimash - Expires on 09/30/20
Theodore Schuman - Expires on 09/30/19


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