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Weill Cornell Medical College
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Fellowship director
Vijay K. Anand, MD, FACS
772 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021
Tel: (212) 452-3005
Fax: (212) 452-3660
Email: vijayanandmd@aol.com
Departmental mission statement
The Department of Otolaryngology -- Head & Neck Surgery is committed to outstanding clinical care, the education of future leaders in our specialty, and the advancement of knowledge in the field of rhinology through basic and clinical research. Leading-edge clinical care will be provided in a compassionate, patient friendly environment in which the patient always has priority. The Department is resolved to provide a broad-based clinical experience to enable trainees to become leading clinicians, as well as research opportunities for the development of future clinical scientists. The Department recognizes that the future of otorhinolaryngology is based upon the continued development of innovative research. The faculty has a special obligation to be a major national and international force in the development and implementation of advances in our specialty and to both avail itself of, and augment, the resources available at the medical center.
Overview of fellowship
The fellowship is a 1-year clinical and research experience based on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City.  The primary goal is to provide the highest level of dedicated rhinologic subspecialty training available to qualified applicants.  The training is organized and carefully scheduled with the aims of providing a broad subspecialty experience the basic science, clinical diagnosis, and management of conditions affecting the nose, paranasal sinuses and surrounding structures at a tertiary referral center.  This training includes didactic sessions, clinical care, research opportunities, and medical and surgical experience.  The fellow is introduced to a significant teaching role during the fellowship year.

Endoscopic surgery of the anterior skull base is an evolving concept that is currently undergoing rapid growth as a discipline.  Treatment of neoplastic and non-neoplastic diseases of the anterior skull base, in conjunction with the Department of Neurosurgery, comprises an area of strong focus for the post-residency trainee.  Graduates of this fellowship are positioned to become teachers and future leaders in this subspecialty.
Fellowship description
Clinical Rotations: Clinical experience is provided in the service of Dr. Vijay Anand.  Dr. Anand is one of the original practitioners of endoscopic sinus surgery in the United States and has conducted instructional courses on the subject for over 25 years.  He continues to maintain a high surgical volume of advanced sinus surgical cases and a wide variety of endoscopic skull base surgery cases.

The extensive national and international referral patterns for the rhinologic service at Weill Cornell Medical College ensure a wide spectrum and high volume of surgical cases.  Fellowship surgical experience is geared primarily toward the more challenging sinus, skull base, intracranial and revision management issues.  Surgical experience is based at the New York Presbyterian Hospital, which has been consistently rated one of the top hospitals in the nation.  Additional surgical experience is provided with office-based procedures in the outpatient setting.

Weekly Schedule: Surgical experience is provided on a regular schedule 2 to 3 days each week, which includes a balanced distribution of rhinologic, paranasal sinus and skull base surgery.  Care of patients in the office setting occurs 2 to 3 days each week.  The fellow makes hospital rounds on post-surgical patients on the weekends.

Research Responsibilities: Research opportunities are abundant for the rhinology fellow.  These include basic science work on the inflammatory and immunologic aspects of sinusitis, cilliary beat analysis, smell testing, and acoustic rhinometric analysis.  Extensive clinical and translational research opportunities are offered both within the Department and elsewhere at the Weill Cornell Medical College.  Prospective and retrospective clinical studies of sinusitis and skull base disease management are an important part of the fellowship experience.

The fellow will be required to develop an IRB-approved research proposal under the direction of Dr. Anand for a year-long project, which should culminate in presentation at a national meeting and publication.  The fellowship provides the opportunity to present research works at national meetings with travel subsidy from the Department.

Diversity of Cases: The fellow has direct, hands-on operative experience with a wide variety of rhinologic surgical cases.  These include primary and revision endoscopic sinus surgery, endoscopic and open frontal sinus surgery, endoscopic Eustachian tube surgery, septoplasty and dacrocystorhinostomy.

The fellow participates in all endoscopic skull base surgical cases performed in conjunction with the Department of Neurosurgery.  This encompasses the entire spectrum of midline and expanded approaches to the anterior skull base, including surgery of the pituitary, suprasellar cistern, olfactory groove, clivus and infratemporal fossa.

In addition, the fellow is exposed to a variety of office-based procedures in the outpatient setting.  The fellow maintains a case log of all cases performed throughout the year.

Call Schedule: The fellow is responsible for covering service calls for the office practice of Dr. Anand outside of regular business hours.  Emergency room calls are limited to rhinologic issues that occur in established patients of Dr. Anand.  The fellow does not participate in departmental coverage of general emergency room calls or inpatient consultations.

Additional Information: The fellow is required to act as the attending for the resident clinic at Weill Cornell Medical College approximately 1-2 afternoons per month.

The fellow is required to give a formal presentation at Grand Rounds of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery at least once annually.  In addition, the fellow presents at the resident teaching conference approximately two times a year.

The fellow is expected to travel to all major meetings related to the specialty, and to present original research whenever possible.  These include meetings of the American Academy of Otolaryngology, the American Rhinologic Society, the North American Skull Base Society and the Triological Society.

The fellow acts as a faculty member in the Weill Cornell Advanced Sinus Surgery Course and the Weill Cornell Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery Course, which are each held annually.

The fellow participates in the instruction of visiting fellows to the Department.

The fellowship offers excellent salary support and University benefits at the PGY-6 level.
Current and past fellows
2012-2013    Roheen Raithatha
2011-2012    Jeffrey Bedrosian
2010-2011    Edward McCoul
2009-2010    Madeleine Schaberg
2008-2009    Gurston Nyquist
2007-2008    Ameet Singh
2006-2007    Seth Brown
2005-2006    Abtin Tabaee
2003-2005    Casey Manarey (spanned 2 years)
2001-2002    Ashutosh Kacker
2000-2001    Clark Huang

Requirements for appointment
  • Board-eligible/Board-certified otolaryngologist.
  • Valid New York State medical license or be eligible to obtain one.
  • Interest in rhinology/endoscopic skull base surgery and rhinologic/skull base surgery research, as demonstrated by prior experience.
Application Information
Applications are reviewed in the winter/spring for a position beginning July 1 of the subsequent year.  Selected applicants are invited to travel to New York City for an individual interview.  The interview is a two-day commitment during which the applicant is exposed to all aspects of the fellowship experience.

Deadline for Application
February 1

Contact Information
Vijay K. Anand, MD
772 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021
Tel:  (212) 452-3005
Fax:  (212) 452-3660
Email:  vijayanandmd@aol.com