Fall Film FESStival

The 2017 fall meeting of the American Rhinologic Society will be held in Chicago, IL, USA on September 8-9, 2017. This year we will again be featuring a video seminar featuring the most educational, unique and impressive videos of cases, complications and challenges submitted by the membership.

video requirements
The videos will be rated equally on rarity of pathology, technical complexity, novelty of procedure, educational value, and production quality. The top-rated videos (time-permitting) will be showcased at the meeting with an opportunity for the video editors to introduce each clip and respond to questions from the audience. 

Submission Guidelines:
All videos must be

  • A maximum of 3 minutes in length
  • A maximum of 300 MB in size
  • Named in the following manner:
    • AB_pathology_2017XXYY (AB = patient initials; pathology = name of disease or complication, etc.; 2017XXYY = date of surgery)
  • May contain audio, narration, etc.
  • Acceptable codecs/containers include the following:
    • MOV
    • AVI
    • MPEG (.mpg or mp4)
    • WMV
  • Devoid of any patient identifying information
  • Devoid of any surgeon, fellow, institution or hospital information that may influence the grading of the video abstracts.

The deadline for submission of the videos is August 18, 2017. To submit your video, please visit the ARS webpage for more information. Members wishing to submit videos for review will need to do so through the abstract submission module.  Reviews of each video will be performed by a review committee.


Abstract submission is NOW CLOSED.   Check back next year for your opportunity to submit to the Fall Film FESStival!

Revised 08/22/2017
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