A Welcome from Tim Smith, MD, MPH

ARS President’s Message
Tim L. Smith, MD, MPH

I feel honored and privileged to serve the American Rhinologic Society as President this year. The Society is in an excellent state as I begin my term. We are “hitting on all cylinders” thanks to the work of countless individuals within our Board and Committee structures. We invite you to become involved in our Society and to join the voice of those working to advance our specialty.

Why Should I Join the ARS?

The ARS is working at many levels to advance the interests of our patients. Our educational and scientific platforms have set record attendance levels over the past year, largely due to our rethinking the structure and content of these meetings. The ARS at COSM (May 16-17, 2014 Las Vegas) is the finest scientific Rhinology meeting in the world where members can get to the cutting edge of developments in our field. The Summer Sinus Symposium (July 18-19, 2014 Chicago) is the best sinus course in the world highlighting topics relevant to every practicing rhinologist. The ARS at AAO-HNS (September 20, 2014 Orlando) provides premium content related to current issues in Rhinology. Ask anyone who has attended to one of our recent meetings—we are very proud of the tremendous feedback we have received.

The ARS needs to grow. We have over 1000 members but there are 5500 sinus surgeons in the USA. More than ever, rhinologists and sinus surgeons need a common platform and voice so that our field can continue to flourish. If you are practicing Rhinology and are not currently a member of the ARS, we need your support and involvement. Please feel free to email me directly (smithtim@OHSU.edu) or Chris Melroy-Chair of Membership- (cmelroy@yahoo.com) to get that process started.

I’ll wrap up by promising you that the ARS continues to push forward despite these challenging times and we are making progress! We want you to join us and to experience the benefits of sharing in the body of work of the ARS.

My best to you all,

Tim L. Smith, MD, MPH
President, American Rhinologic Society